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These days it’s a struggle to stand out in all the advertising noise. Using DAV® (it’s pronounced Dave), our digital mobile billboard, we’ll drive your message to where the people are.

Say "Hello" to our digital mobile billboard

Meet DAV® (pronounced "dave")

DAV is our digital mobile billboard truck that uses three independent, high-resolution LED screens to drive your message to where the people are.

DAV serves a similar purpose as a billboard, but instead of being stuck in one location, he’s mobile. Every day, he sets out on a pre-planned route designed to give clients the highest possible exposure. So when we say that “we drive your message to where the people are,” we mean it!

Maximize your advertising efforts

Digital Mobile Billboards
are Effective and Affordable

Advertising on our trucks fills the “gaps,” providing coverage that complements and enhances existing advertising efforts making any marketing campaign more efficient and effective.

Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day, bombarded with countless ads from every direction. Consequently, we have found ways to avoid most other forms of advertising.

Decline in print media readership

Only 29% of US residents read a daily newspaper

Cable TV

86% of US residents DVR and skip advertisements

Adblocking on mobile devices

62% of US residents prefer streaming music services over radio

Out Of Home Advertising reaches 99% of consumers during an average week - Nielsen

Your brand,
where it really matters.

There is a more effective way you can advertise.

As long as people are out driving around, they’ll have their eyes on the road. They might as well also have their eyes on your ad!

Using state-of-the-art mapping tools, we monitor traffic patterns in each territory. Combining that with data provided by the state department of transportation, we determine the route that’s guaranteed to give client messages the most exposure.

Boost brand

The more people see you, the more they choose you.


Eye-catching visuals that can’t be skipped and won’t get lost in the noise.

Increase sales
and revenue

People buy from businesses that are top of mind.

How is a digital mobile billboard different?

There’s more than just being mobile. Another advantage is that you can run multiple messages per customer. You don’t have to wait for new vinyl to be printed or hope the billboard space you were looking at is available. Your message can be instantly updated, added to the rotation, and in front of your customers!

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